GE Power Strip Surge Protector, 6 Outlets, Flat Plug, Long Power Cord, 4ft, Wall Mount, Black, 37051

Price: $9.91

Protect your electronics and charge your portable devices at the same time with the GE Ultra Pro surge protector with 6 outlets. The premium surge protector Features 6 protected outlets and a 4ft power cord. The surge protector has a protected indicator light which shows the protection components are working. It also houses an integrated circuit breaker for overload protection. In the event the protection capacity is exceed by a power surge, the indicator light will not be lit and the power will be permanently shut down to the outlets, ensuring the protection of your electronics. For those electronics, such as TVs and stereo equipment, the surge protector Features a power filter which reduces interference to provide a cleaner sound and picture experience.Power More — Turn one outlet into six and power all your devices in one convenient location, either on the floor of on the wall thanks to the wall mount keyholes
Flat Plug — Save space behind furniture and appliances and keep other outlets accessible with the slim design of the low-profile, angled, flat plug
Extension Cord — The four foot power cord on the surge protector power strip helps to keep cords tangle-free
Protection — Electronics are protected with a 840 Joules Protection Rating, integrated circuit breaker and automatic shutdown technology
Trusted Brand — GE is the #1 brand in Surge Protection

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